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The Starfish Parable

A man goes out on the beach and sees that it is covered with starfish that have washed up in the tide. A little boy is walking along, picking them up and throwing them back into the water. “What are you doing, son?” the man asks. “You see how many starfish there are? You’ll never make a difference”. The boy paused thoughtfully, and picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean. “It sure made a difference to that one” he said.


About Empower

Empower International is a not-for-profit, fair trade organisation…
• We are all about “empowering the privileged to empower the poor”.
• We believe in the priceless value of every person.
• We oppose the many injustices of extreme poverty, particularly human trafficking and sexual slavery.
• We believe every person should know and experience dignity, honour and respect.



You can donate funds now. One hundred percent of your donated money will be used for Empower International projects. Your donation will help secure the future for people vulnerable to injustices caused by poverty.
You can help to…
• Provide suitable housing for those in need.
• Fund a child’s education.
• Give a girl or woman skills training for business.
• Set up a girl or woman in her own small business.